Jokaydia UnConference Presentation
September 2008 and 2009


A presentation was held on Saturday September at Jokaydia 2008 and 2009 - outline below

2008 Session below (2009 session very similar)

Session 3: 1:30pm - 2:30pm (AEST)
(SLT: 8:30pm, 26th Sept)

Using a Virtual World to Educate students in Higher Education
Jass Easterman will take you through how she has been using the virtual world of Second Life with volunteer students enrolled in two education units. She will discuss the types of activities the students have undertaken, what has worked and what hasn’t and what is required of them. This hour long presentation will include anecdotal evidence from students and Jass.
Jass Easterman (aka Sue Gregory), Jokaydia Beach

View images of the session below.

Very casual - talk around the fire
A beautiful spring day in Australia, but there is still nothing like sitting around a fire and talking
Airial shot of the session
There was quite a crowd at the discussion
Questions were forthcoming
Use audio and text for presentation - catering for those with sound and those with only reading/text abilities
Timed the session perfectly to one hour
Then, off to a session on Microblogging
Still at Microblogging
Then I just had time to go to a session on Sustainability in and of Second Life
Still at the sustainability session
Finished off the sustainability session and was unable to attend any more



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